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Teen Massages

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Want to be more sharp and focussed?

An Indian Head Massage offers benefits such as:

- clearer thinking and improved concentration

- aids memory

- relieves stress

- reduces tension in the eyes which can be caused by the strain from laptop/PC use

- reduces tension in your neck and shoulders

- cope better under mental pressure


We suggest regular sessions of these, for more long term effects on clarity, focus and vision.


Arms and Hands aching from all that hard work?

we know the feeling... exam stress, lot's of writing and computer work puts a lot of strain on your arms, hands and wrists - not to mention back and neck. Listening to your and your parents' concern, we've come up with a bespoke solution:

- get the energy back in your arms and hands

- reduce any stress/tension in your next and back

- regain a proper posture

- cope better with physical and mental pressure

We suggest regular sessions of these for more long term effects on strength, better posture and the ability to cope better.


  45 mins
Teens Indian Head Massage
Teens Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

020 8995 2293
020 8445 2113
01462 440 410
st albans
01727 833 808

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