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Waxing - warm wax

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Warm Waxing

Warm waxing is one of our most popular hair removal treatments. Unlike traditional methods of hair removal like shaving or hair removal creams, waxing completely removes the hair from the follicle and can leave the waxed area completely free of hair for up to 6 weeks. Eventually the hair does re-grow but with regular waxing treatments, the hairs become finer and can eventually stop growing altogether (this does vary depend on the area of the body).
Hair growth in certain areas of the body will be faster and stronger than in others so you may find that you need a longer series of waxing treatments to achieve the desired results.
Our fully trained staff will be able to discuss any issues or concerns you may have before you start a course of treatments, so please ask if you would like to know more about waxing.

  15-30 mins

020 8995 2293
020 8445 2113
01462 440 410
st albans
01727 833 808

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